Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

NJPGA Hall of Fame Committee Mission Statement: 
To celebrate the game of golf and those NJPGA Professionals whose exceptional careers playing the game, as well as, those who made unique contributions to the growth of the game and the New Jersey Section, PGA. The Committee will do so by reviewing and acting on any nominations it receives in accordance with Article VIII of the Section’s By‐Laws. It will use the Hall of Fame Guidelines in determining a nominee’s qualifications. If qualified, it will forward the nominee to the Section’s Board of Directors for final approval and election into the Hall of Fame.

The New Jersey Section Hall of Fame is a prestigious group of PGA Professionals that includes PGA Tour winners, multiple area Major champions, past presidents, and those who provide a service to the Section. Nominations are accepted for a nominee for any given year by June 15th. For 2020, nominations must be sent to the Hall of Fame Chairman, Tommy Monteverdi, via email at tmonteverdi@glenridgecc.com.

Playing Consideration (P1)

  • Minimum of 3 Major Championship wins
  • Multiple Senior Major Championship wins (half credit of regular major 36 holes)
  • Minimum of 2 Player/Senior Player of the Year award winner
  • Minimum 10 years as a member of the New Jersey Section, PGA
  • Candidate has conducted themselves in a professional and ethical manner
  • Current Majors
    • NJPGA Section Championship
    • MGA Open and NJSGA Open
    • NJPGA Match Play Championship
    • NJPGA Fall Finale (formerly Charity Classic)
    • NJPGA Charity Clambake
  • Majors No Longer Contested
    • Dodge Open
    • Nissan Classic
  • Senior Majors
    • NJPGA Sr. Section Championship
    • MGA Sr. Open
    • NJPGA/NJSGA Sr. Open
    • NJPGA Sr. Match Play

Service Consideration (S1)

  • Minimum of 15 years of service at the Section level (Board of Directors and/or Committees)
    • Served 6 years as a Section Officer
    • Served on the Section Board of Directors a minimum of 12 years
    • Served on the NJ Golf Foundation Board of Directors
  • Minimum of 6 Section Special Awards won, at least 4 of which are awards in different categories
  • Service at National Level
    • National Officer
    • District Director
    • Committee Chairperson
    • Rules Committee Member
  • National Award Winner
  • Nominee has had an outstanding, distinguished and unique career as a golf professional and has had a significant impact on his/her fellow members, as well as the Section and PGA of America.
  • Candidate has conducted themselves in a professionall and ethical manner

Combo Consideration (C1)

  • A combination of the two categories listed above. The candidate must have conducted themselves in a professional and ethical manner