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Assistant Spotlight - Aaron Asedo

September 4th, 2018

It’s been a good month for Mountain Ridge Country Club’s Aaron Asedo, who had his first professional win at the National Car Rental Assistant Section Championship. Now, the 33-year-old has been selected for the assistant spotlight for August.

Asedo grew up in New Jersey and went to Marlboro High School. He attended Rutgers University before transferring to Savannah College of Art and Design, where he majored in furniture design.

“I wound up in the furniture business for five years,” Asedo said after he graduated from college.

When he’s away from golf, Asedo spends most of his free time working on interior projects, creating custom furniture during the winter months.

“I missed golf so much and I missed playing,” Asedo said. “I started worked with David Glenz on my swing and I tried competing. Jason Lamp was helping me and he told me there was a small position with Chuck [Edwards] and he would get my foot in the door [at Beacon Hill].”

Asedo has been in the Section since working at Beacon Hill in May 2013. He also worked at Brooklake Country Club for two seasons and at Montammy Golf Club before moving to Mountain Ridge.

“I’ve been trying to improve at each club,” he said.

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How were you introduced to golf?

My older brother played golf, so naturally I wanted to do what he was into. He wound up dropping the game, but I had already found my passion for it. My uncle Bru-Bru would take me out for golf, and I really looked forward to those rounds. Growing up, I took lessons from PGA Professional Cory Turkel, who encouraged me to play competitively.

Did you grow up playing at any course?

I grew up playing Monmouth County courses. I spent a lot of time at Hominy Hill and when Charleston Springs opened, I played there as well. Our home course at Marlboro High School was Battleground Country Club. My neighbor was the club president and he would take me often. It was during my junior and senior year when the club offered me a membership for $500, which I thought was a treat.

What have you learned at the clubs you’ve worked at leading to your time at Mountain Ridge?

I got my feet wet and learned a lot about the golf professionals role at a private facility when I started at Beacon Hill Country Club working for Chuck Edwards. Brooklake was great because you wear a bunch of different hats and I enjoyed that. I focused on teaching at Montammy and helped grow the women’s program with various clinics.

What is your normal routine on weekends during the season at Mountain Ridge?

I am fortunate enough to work at a club that has sufficient staffing and encourages their PGA Professionals to play. Jordan Mathers and I will alternate the open shifts on the weekend so that either one of us is playing. I will be at the club around 6:15 to open the shop, get it in order, respond to emails, check orders, and have my first lesson scheduled 30 minutes after the shop manager comes in. The remainder of the day I will spend on the lesson tee either giving lessons or utilizing the Trackman for fittings.

How much time do you spend working in the shop and teaching lessons?

Len Siter has it set up where Jordan and I alternate our shifts throughout the week. We do a lot of special ordering at Mountain Ridge so staying on top of the membership’s orders and keeping all invoices up to date is a large part of what we will do in the shop. Jordan and I work very well together.

How do you spend your time during the winter?

During the winter, I like to spend time being creative, so I will either build and sell a piece of furniture or artwork. I continue to teach some clients indoors and will go down to Florida to teach at a couple of golf schools, as well as play in other events.

Asedo's Custom Furniture

What have you learned under Len Siter at Mountain Ridge?

I have learned a lot from Len. We have focused on what it takes to put a solid team together and how to manage that team effectively. He’s put together a great staff at Mountain Ridge and learning how he sees different people’s strengths and allows that to dictate what their roles are has been a great learning experience. He feels confident in our abilities and is comfortable that if he needs to be away we can step up and know things will be fine.

What PGA Professional has helped you most throughout your golf profession?

I have been helped by so many great PGA Professionals here in the New Jersey Section. If we are talking about one individual who has helped me advance my career, I would have to say [Jason] Lamp. He’s has been instrumental in getting me every job I have had to date in the golf business and I owe him much more than just a thank you.