NJPGA Junior Tour

NJPGA Junior Tour


NJPGA Junior Tour - ​Full Membership NJPGA Junior Tour - Future Tour
(for boys & girls ages 13-18) (for boys & girls ages 11-12)
Annual Membership: $99 Annual Membership: $59
NJPGA Junior Tour Schedule NJPGA Junior Tour - Future Tour Schedule
Schedules are still being updated Schedules are still being updated

​Divisions and eligibility are based on a player's age as of July 31, 2022

​Division & Registration Information
The available divisions will be:
Boys 16-18 Girls 16-18
Boys 13-15 Girls 13-15
*Boys 11-12 *Girls 11-12

​A player’s division is determined based on their age as of July 31, 2022. All Junior Tour Members are eligible to compete until the day they turn 19. If a player turns 13 in August of 2022, they will have the option to register for the 13-15 division, and have access to the full tournament schedule, or they may register for the 11-12 division. A player is not entitled to switch from the 11-12 division to the 13-15 division once the season has started.

*The following applies to all players who are eligible to play in the Boys 11-12 & Girls 11-12 (NJPGA Junior Tour - Future Tour)
Boys and Girls 11-12 will be required to sign up for their own separate membership. NJPGA Junior Tour - Future Tour is designed to help transition players to the next stage of tournament golf by providing course yardages that are age appropriate. Similar to the full NJPGA Junior Tour Membership, 11-12 year old members will be required to play without the use of a caddie, which includes not being able to receive advice from a parent or older sibling. They will also play without a max score per hole.
  • Boys 11-12 and Girls 11-12 will have a limited schedule which can be found here.
  • Boys 11-12 and Girls 11-12 will have their own Player of the Year Points Standings.
  • Boys 11-12 and Girls 11-12 will not be eligible to register tournaments that are not listed on their own specific schedule.
Boys 11-12 will play yardages set to approximately 5500 yards
Girls 11-12 will play yardages set to approximately 4500 yards
NJPGA Junior Tour - Future Tour Members will not have access to spring or fall events, due to limited field sizes, except for the Fall Team Championship at Concordia and the Fall Junior Invitational at Picatinny. More details will be available on the above-mentioned Tournament Information Pages.

All tournaments will open on a first come first serve basis. If you are waitlisted for one of our tournaments, please keep in mind that we will do our best to get as many additional players in as possible.

Event Refund Policy
  • If you cancel from an event prior to the tournament registration deadline, you will receive a full refund minus a $5 administration fee.
    • All tournament registration deadlines are 7 days before the start of an event.
    • You can cancel from an event online by logging in to your BlueGolf account, emailing the Junior Golf Director, Greg Zohovetz, gzohovetz@pgahq.com, or calling 732-573-6911.
  • If you cancel after the tournament registration deadline, you will receive a 50% refund.  
    • You must cancel from an event prior to 48 hours before the start of the event to receive a 50% refund.
  • If you cancel within 48 hours before the start of the event or simply do not show up for your starting time, you will not receive a refund.

Caddie Policy

  • Caddies are strictly prohibited during New Jersey PGA Junior Tour events. 
  • Players are not permitted to have someone carry their clubs or receive advice regarding club selection, hole strategy, reading greens, etc.
  • Players receiving or asking for advice/assistance, which could result in an unfair advantage, are subject to a first offense penalty of 2-strokes and a second offense penalty of disqualification. 
  • Parents and spectators are required to refrain from on-course conversation with Junior Tour Members during a stipulated round. This includes rulings and general conversation which could be misinterpreted as giving advice. 
  • During a stipulated round, parents or spectators may provide drinks, snacks, clothing, and umbrellas to Junior Tour Members. The transfer must take place in between the play of holes, not during the play of a hole.

Please Note

  • Pull carts are permitted unless prohibited by the host facility.


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