Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

The New Jersey Section Hall of Fame is a prestigious group of PGA Professionals that includes PGA Tour winners, multiple area Major champions, past presidents, and those who provide a service to the Section. Nomimation Applications must be submitted by June 15th, 2023 to Kevin Maciorowski, Hall of Fame Chairman, kevin@coloniacc.net. Click HERE for the 2023 Hall of Fame Nomimination Form. 

Playing Consideration (P1)

  • Minimum of 3 Major Championship wins
  • Multiple Senior Major Championship wins (half credit of regular major 36 holes)
  • Minimum of 2 Player/Senior Player of the Year award winner
  • Minimum 10 years as a member of the New Jersey Section, PGA
  • Candidate has conducted themselves in a professional and ethical manner
  • Current Majors
    • NJPGA Section Championship
    • MGA Open and NJSGA Open
    • NJPGA Match Play Championship
    • NJPGA Fall Finale (formerly Charity Classic)
    • NJPGA Charity Clambake
  • Majors No Longer Contested
    • Dodge Open
    • Nissan Classic
  • Senior Majors
    • NJPGA Sr. Section Championship
    • MGA Sr. Open
    • NJPGA/NJSGA Sr. Open
    • NJPGA Sr. Match Play

Service Consideration (S1)

  • Minimum of 15 years of service at the Section level (Board of Directors and/or Committees)
    • Served 6 years as a Section Officer
    • Served on the Section Board of Directors a minimum of 12 years
    • Served on the NJ Golf Foundation Board of Directors
  • Minimum of 6 Section Special Awards won, at least 4 of which are awards in different categories
  • Service at National Level
    • National Officer
    • District Director
    • Committee Chairperson
    • Rules Committee Member
  • National Award Winner
  • Nominee has had an outstanding, distinguished and unique career as a golf professional and has had a significant impact on his/her fellow members, as well as the Section and PGA of America.
  • Candidate has conducted themselves in a professionall and ethical manner

Combo Consideration (C1)

  • A combination of the two categories listed above. The candidate must have conducted themselves in a professional and ethical manner.


Jim Barnes

Class of 1983

1940 National Hall of Fame member and 1989 World Golf Hall of Fame inductee Jim Barnes was one of three Europeans to win three different major championships around the world. Barnes was a three-time Western Open winner and won the 1939 State Open, 1925 British Open, 1921 U.S. Open, and 1916 and 1919 National PGA Championship.

James Dante

Class of 1983

James Dante was a co-founder of the New Jersey Section in 1931 and served as President of the New Jersey PGA for seven years. Dante was also an author of three best-selling golf books, and was Head Professional at Braidburn Country Club from 1923-1938 and Suburban Golf Club from 1939-1943.

Johnny Farrell

Class of 1983

Three-time U.S. Ryder Cup team member and longtime Baltusrol Golf Club Head Professional, John Farrell was a 1928 U.S. Open and 1936 State Open Winner. The National PGA Hall of Fame member also had 22 PGA Tour wins and won seven consecutive U.S. Tour Events in a row.

Vic Ghezzi

Class of 1983

On the course, Vic Ghezzi was a three-time member of the U.S. Ryder Cup Team, winner of the 1941 National PGA Championship, won the New Jersey PGA Championship three times, and was also a three-time State Open champion. Off the course, the former Deal Golf Club Head Professional was president of the New Jersey Section and is a National PGA Hall of Fame member.

Otto Greiner

Class of 1983

Former Knickerbocker Country Club head professional and New Jersey PGA Office, Otto Greiner still holds the course record at Tenafly, NJ club with a 64. In addition to that feat, Greiner won the 1955 New Jersey PGA Championship, 1954 Met Open, 1964 Dodge Open, and was a five-time Pro-Pro Championship winner.

George Jacobus

Class of 1983

A former New Jersey PGA President, George Jacobus served as a pioneer for junior golf and taught Byron Nelson while he was on tour. Jacobus served his tenure at Ridgewood Country Club as Head Professional from 1913-1965, and was president of the PGA of America for an unprecedented seven years from 1932-1939.

John Kinder

Class of 1983

John Kinder served as Plainfield Country Club's Head Professional from 1936-1956. The former New JErsey PGA President was a winner of four New Jersey PGA Championships, and three State Championships in 1931, 1932, and 1940.

Babe Lichardus

Class of 1983

Babe Lichardus was named the New Jersey PGA Player of the Decade from 1963-1973, and was a member of the National PGA Cup Match Team two times, as well as the National PGA Quarter-Century three times. He won the Section's PGA Championship five times, and was a four-time State Open winner and Dodge Open winner 1966-1968.

Jack Mitchell

Class of 1983

Jack Mitchell, who served as Vice-President of the PGA of America from 1959-1962, won the State Open in 1941, 1946 and 1948, the 1946 Pro-Pro Championship, and 1946 New Jersey PGA Championship. Mitchell also served as a New Jersey PGA President and was the Head Professional at Essex County Country Club for 27 years and Spring Brook Country Club for 11 years.

Emery Thomas

Class of 1983

Emery Thomas, a former New Jersey Section President, was a five-time New Jersey PGA Championship winner, five-time Pro-Pro winner, and two-time State Open winner. He was named the most "Outstanding Professional Athlete" in 1951 by the New Jersey Sports Award, and was elected into the Bloomfield N.J. Hall of Fame in 1983.

Craig Wood

Class of 1983

Craig Wood, a 1956 PGA Hall of Fame inductee and former Hollywood Golf Club and Forest Hill Field Club Head Professional, is a winner of 21 Tour Events from 1928 to 1944. Wood's best highlighted wins include the 1934 State Open, 1940 Met Open, 1941 U.S. Open, 1941 Masters, 1942 Canadian Open, and four New Jersey PGA Championships.

Pat Schwab

Class of 1987

The Great Gorge Golf Club Head Professional from 1971-1981 was a former Section President from 1972-1973, and won the New Jersey PGA Championship in 1968, 1970 1971, and 1981. The 1967 Athlete of the Year was also the State Open winner in 1967.

Danny Williams Sr.

Class of 1987

PGA Professional, Danny Williams Sr. was a half century member who helped originate the New Jersey Section in 1931 as a co-founder and served as Vice-President for the New Jersey PGA. During his career, Williams won the Sherwood Forest Open and was named the Golf Professional of the Year in 1963.

Tom Ulozas

Class of 1988

Tom Ulozas, the 1968 New Jersey PGA Professional of the Year, played on the PGA Tour from 1971-1973 and Senior PGA Tour from 1994-1996. He was named New Jersey PGA Player of the Year from 1976-1979, played in four U.S. Open Championships, two PGA Championships, and won the 1978 State Open, 1979 New Jersey PGA Championship, 1971 Maumelle Open, and 1970 Dodge Open.

Billy Ziobro

Class of 1989

In 1970, Billy Ziobro became the first player to capture the NJSGA Open and Amateur titles in the same year. He had previously won the NJSGA Junior Championship which made him the first golfer to win all 3 Championships. The Forsgate Country Club Head Professional won the Dodge Open in 1971, the first event he played as a professional and again in 1975, his second time playing in the event. Billy continued his winning ways with victories in the NJPGA Section Championship in 1976, the Datsun Open in 1978 and the Pro-Pro Championship in 1979. Billy also spent some time in the NEPGA as well winning the New England Match Play in 1982 and the Vermont Open in 1989. Billy competed on the PGA Tour from 1971-77 logging ten top 10 finishes while also competing in (5) U.S. Opens, The PGA Championship, The Players Championship and The Senior PGA Championship.

David Glenz

Class of 1991

David Glenz was a six-time New Jersey PGA Player of the Year, winner of 14 New Jersey PGA titles and two Met Open Championships. He competed in five PGA Championships, four U.S. Open Championships and 12 PGA Club Professional Championships. Glenz was honored as New Jersey Teacher of the Year from 1988-1989 and was also on the New Jersey PGA Board of Directors for five years.

Ed Whitman

Class of 1995

For 30 years, Ed Whitman served as Knickerbocker Country Club's Head Professional. During that time he was voted NJPGA Player of the Decade (1990-1999) and NJPGA Player of the Year (5) times. Ed has won 219 Individual Titles including (20) Major Championships; the 1981 Dodge Open with a record score of 12 under par, the 1985 Michelob Championship with a record score of 12 under par, (4) NJPGA Championships, (2) NJPGA Match Play Championships, (4) NJSGA Open Championships including a record score of 17 under par in 1991, (6) NJPGA US Healthcare Championships and (2) NJPGA Players Championships (5) NJPGA Pro-Pro titles and (2) Titleist NJ Club Pro Championships. Ed continued to win as a Senior claiming (3) NJ Senior Open Championships including a record score of 12 under par for 36 holes in 2004, the 2004 MGA Senior Open plus earning (2) NJPGA Senior Player of the Year honors. On the National Level Ed has competed in (4) PGA Championships, (2) US Open Championships, (1) US Senior Open, (2) Senior PGA Championships, (21) PNC’s (PGA Professional National Championship) and (15) Senior PNC’s. Ed was voted a member of Golf Digest’s Top 200 Golf Instructors in 2002.

Jack Kiefer

Class of 1997

Leo Charles "Jack" Kiefer, the former 1983 New Jersey Section Player of the Year won the 1975, 1976, and 1983 State Open, 1985 Dodge Open, 1990 New Jersey Senior Open and 1990 New Jersey Senior PGA Championship. He earned over $2 million on the Senior PGA Tour after joining in 1990 and claimed the 1994 Ralph’s Senior Classic.

Louis Barbaro

Class of 1998

Former Hollywood Golf Club Head Professional Louis Barbaro, who served at the position for more than 30 years, won the 1952 New Jersey PGA Championship, 1953 and 1959 State Open in addition to the other victories in the National Senior PGA Championship, National PGA Quarter Century Championship, Providence Open, and Panama Open.

Michael Burke

Class of 1999

Michael Burke Jr. has competed in 19 Professional National Championships including a victory in the 1998 PNC at Pinehurst. The six-time New Jersey PGA Player of the Year has won (5) NJPGA Match Plays, (3) NJPGA Championships, 1998 NJPGA Charity Clambake, 1997 MGA Open, 1997 JB Hanauer Classic, 1986 Dodge Open, and the 1985 and 1986 New Jersey Assistant Championship. On the National level Mike has qualified for (6) US Opens, (6) PGA Championships. (1) US Senior Open and (1) PGA Senior Championships.

Russell Helwig

Class of 2001

Essex Fells Country Club's long time Head Professional, Russ Helwig, is a two-time NJSGA State Open winner in 1980 and 1982 and also 1980 Dodge Open champion. He served on the New Jersey PGA Board of Directors as President and Vice President, and was honored as Section Player of the Year in 1980. Russ has won (2) MGA Senior Open Championship in 1998 & 1999 as well as NJPGA Senior Section Player of the Year from 1997-1999.

Stan Mosel

Class of 2001

Former Essex Fells Country Club Head Professional, Stan Mosel, qualified for eight U.S. Open's, four PGA Championships, the 1983 U.S. Senior Open, and the 1982 & 1983 Senior PGA Championship. Moel was also a five-time Pro-Pro Champion, two-time Pro-Assistant Champion, winner of the Ballantine Open in 1956, 1957 & 1958, winner of the New Jersey PGA Championship in 1956 & 1967, winner of the Dodge Open in 1965, and winner of the State Open in 1955.

Bob Ross

Class of 2003

Bob Ross the longtime Head Professional at Baltusrol GC hosted (2) US Opens during his tenure 1980 & 1993. Bob was awarded the New Jersey Professional of the Year in 1980 & 1989. On the national level, Bob was awarded Merchandiser of the Year in 1989. On the course Bob competed in (3) US Opens and was Runner-Up in the NJSGA and Dodge Opens. He also won the Senior State Open from 1994-1996 and won the 1994 Senior Player of the Year. Before moving to New Jersey Bob spent time in the Philadelphia Section of the PGA where he served as President in 1971 & 1972 and being awarded the PPGA Golf Professional of the year in 1972 and being inducted into the PPGA Hall of Fame in 2000. Bob also competed at the highest level winning the 1967 Philadelphia PGA Championship and State Open. Bob also served as a Special Instructor to the Italian Golf Federation in 1978 & 79 as well as the Japan International Rotary Club in 1980.

Peter Famiano

Class of 2004

The former Crestmont Country Club Head Professional is a Past President of the New Jersey PGA and served on the Board of Directors. His victories included the 2002 New Jersey Senior PGA Championship and the 1994 & 1995 New Jersey Senior Open. He was a three-time Senior Player of the Year and recipient of the 2001 Merchandiser of the Year Award, four-time winner of the Bill Strausbaugh Award and two-time winner of the Golf Professional of the Year Award.

Steve Sieg

Class of 2006

Navesink Country Club’s Steve Sieg earned his first professional win in 1989 at the New Jersey State Open, and has professional victories in three different decades, including the 1991 and 2002 New Jersey PGA Championship, and 1998 and 2006 Head Professional Championship. He also earned honors such as the 1991 New Jersey PGA Horton Smith Award and the 1993 New Jersey PGA Golf Professional of the Year Award.

Chris Dachisen

Class of 2008

Honored as the 1997 Player of the Year, Chris Dachisen, who spent a majority of his career as the Head Professional at the North Jersey Country Club, competed in the 1990 PGA Championship and won the 1990 Nissan Charity Classic, 1991 Dodge Open, 1991 and 2000 Charity CLassic, 1994 and 1997 Players Championship, 1997 Match Play Championship, 2000 Section Championship, and 1997 and 2001 New Jersey State Open.

William H. Burgess Jr.

Class of 2008

William H. Burgess Jr., the former 34-year Arcola Country Club Head Professional, began his career winning the 1987 Nissan Charity Classic. Off the course Bill has amassed many awards including, the 2002 Golf Professional of the Year, 1998 and 1999 Bill Strausbaugh Award, Horton Smith Award in 1988 and 1990, and 1992 Teacher of the Year. Bill has also served as the NJPGA Section President and chaired (10) NJPGA Committees during his 13 years on the NJPGA Board of Directors. He has also been recognized as a top instructor by Golf Digest (4) times and a Top 400 Instructors in America by Golf Magazine (3) times. Bill is also a PGA/USGA Certified Rules Expert.

Al Mengert

Class of 2008

As the head professional at Echo Lake Country Club from 1956-1960, AL Mengert won the Pro Pro Championship four times, State Open three times, the 1960 New Jersey PGA Championship, and the 1960 Met Openl. The 1960 NEw Jersey Athlete of the Year also competed in four Masters, three U.S.Open Championships, and one PGA Championship.

Bill Britton

Class of 2010

2002 Player of the Year and three time Senior Player of the Year, Bill Britton, won the Section Championship in 2005 & 2006, the Charity Clambake in 2011 & 2013, the New Jersey Senior Open four times and the New Jersey Senior PGA Championship six times. He was also awarded with the Teacher of the Year Award in 2008. On the national level, Britton won the 2009 Senior PGA Professional Championship and notched Top-10 finishes at the 1990 Masters and 1990 PGA Championship.

Frank Esposito Jr.

Class of 2010

Frank is a five-time New Jersey PGA Player of the Year as well as three-time Senior New Jersey PGA Player of the Year. His victories include the NJPGA Championship five-times, the Charity Clambake, Match Play Championship, and the Fall Finale three-times each. Frank has also won the NJSGA Open in 1999 & 2013 as well as the NJSGA Senior Open three times 2014, 2017 & 2018, plus the MGA Senior Open in 2020. On the National level he earned a full exemption for the Champions Tour in 2015, plus qualifying for (2) National PGA Championships, (5) National Senior PGA Championships and the US Open in 1992. Frank has also won the 2014 & 2017 National Senior Professional National Championships.

Bill King

Class of 2013

Bill King began serving the Spring Lake Golf Club as Head Professional in 1991 and enjoyed an impressive playing career with victories at the Assistant Championship in 1988 & 1989, the Section Championship in 1988 & 1993 and the Senior Open Championship in 2007. He competed in the 1989 PGA Championship, the 1990 U.S. Open and the 2007 U.S. Senior Open as well as 11 PGA Club Pro Championships. Bill also earned many honors during his tenure. Bill was the recipient of the Merchandiser of Year Award in 1998, the Golf Professional of the Year in 2009 and the Patriot Award in 2015.

Baker Maddera

Class of 2015

Baker Maddera, who served as Head Professional at the Rock Spring Club for over 25 years, was recognized as the 1997 Golf Professional of the Year, 1994 & 1995 Horton Smith Award winner and 1987 Assistant Professional of the Year. As a competitor, Maddera competed in three U.S. Open Championships in 1983, 1988, and 1994 as well as the 1992 PGA Championship. He also won the 2002 NJSGA State Open and New Jersey PGA Match Play Championship in 1988 and 1996.

Mark Schaare

Class of 2015

Following his Academic All-American collegiate years at Jacksonville University, Schaare served as Head Professional at Knob Hill, Glenwood and Battleground. During that time, he was a three-time New Jersey PGA Player of the Year in 2000, 2005 and 2008 with victories in the Charity Clambake in 2000 and 2008, the Charity Classic in 2005 and the Match Play Championship in 2008.

Doug Steffen

Class of 2015

Doug Steffen competed in the 1975 U.S. Open, 1984 PGA Championship and 2007 U.S. Senior Open. He also served as host PGA Professional for the 2005 and 20016 PGA Championship which were hosted at Baltusrol. He was awarded the 2007 PGA of America Private Merchandiser of the Year, 2005 and 2007 New Jersey PGA Private Merchandiser of the Year, 2008 New Jersey PGA Golf Professional of the Year and concluded his career in 2016 with his second New Jersey PGA Golf Professional of the Year honor in his 20th season as Head Professional at the Baltusrol Golf Club.

Lloyd Monroe

Class of 2017

Lloyd Monroe, who served in the New Jersey Section at Spring Brook Country Club and Upper Montclair Country Club, competed in five U.S. Opens, two PGA Championships, two U.S. Senior Opens and two Senior PGA Championships. Monroe is also a four-time Pro-Scratch Championship winner and a former Dodge Open winner in 1974 and 1978.

Brent Studer

Class of 2017

Brent Studer has been a member of the New Jersey Section since 1994 and excelled both on and off the golf course. On the course, he is a four-time Section Championship winner 1998, 2008, 2015, 2018 and two-time Charity Clambake winner. Studer has also competed at the highest level by competing in the 1994 U.S. Open at Oakmont and 2015 U.S. Senior Open at Del Paso Country Club. Brent also qualified for the Senior PGA Championship at Oak Hill in 2019. Off the course, he is a two-time Private Merchandiser of the Year and the 1999 Golf Professional of the Year.

Charlie Cowell

Class of 2018

Charlie Cowell, the 1992 New Jersey PGA Player of the Year, won the 1992 Assistants Championship, 1992 State Open and 1994 Met Open. In 1999, Cowell defeated his former college coach and New Jersey PGA Hall of Fame Member, Peter Famiano, in the finals to win the Match Play Championship.

Wayne Warms

Class of 2018

Wayne Warms, former Head Professional at Manasquan River Golf Club and Director of Golf at Due Process Stable, served on the Board of Directors and earned a number of awards over his career including the Horton Smith award in 1984, Teacher of the Year award in 2003, Junior Golf Leader award winner from 1985-1996 and the National Junior Golf Leader award in 1995

Jim McGovern

Class of 2021

Mark McCormick

Class of 2021

Brian Gaffney

Class of 2022

Brian attended Montclair State University where he was a member of the golf team under head coach and PGA Professional, Peter Famiano. His work history included Assistant Professional stints at Echo Lake, Manasquan River and Essex Fells which was followed up by Head Professional positions at White Beeches, Rumson and Essex Fells. During that time, Brian was a two time NJPGA Player of the Year in 2011 & 2012 while amassing 8 victories in major events including the NJSGA Open Championship in 2010 and NJPGA Section Championship in 2012. He also competed in 1 US Open, 5 PGA Championships and 12 PGA Professional Championships.

Bryan Jones

Class of 2022

Bryan Jones service extends far beyond the New Jersey Section where he served on the Board of Directors, Secretary, Vice President and ultimately President in 2011-2012. In addition to his service, Bryan was also recognized by his peers with a number of Section awards including the Horton Smith Award, Teacher of the Year and Golf Professional of the Year. At the National level, Bryan has served faithfully on the PGA of America Rules Committee for 30 years where he served as Chairman in 2019-2020 and has officiated at The Masters, The Ryder Cup, PGA Championship and Open Championship. His service and expertise also led him to receiving the PGA of America Horton Smith Award in 2016.

Brett Jones

Class of 2023

Brett Jones was elected to Class A Membership in 2007 while working at the Fairmount Country Club as an Assistant Golf Professional. He would go on to work at Hollywood Golf Club, Trump National Golf Club-Bedminster and Mountain Ridge Country Club before earning his first Head Professional position at Due Process Stables. Jones was a three-time NJPGA Player of the Year in 2009, 2014 and 2015 with victories in all four Section Major Championships. He won the Match Play Championship in 2009 and 2015, Charity Clambake in 2015, Section Championship in 2019 and Fall Finale in 2014 in addition to the NJSGA State Open in 2009. On the national level, Jones competed in the Australian Open, Australian PGA Championship and 2015 PGA Championship at Whistling Straits alongside his brother, Matt.

Dan Pasternak

Class of 2023

Dan Pasternak’s service extends far beyond the New Jersey Section where he served on the Board of Directors, Secretary, Vice President and ultimately President in 2009-2010. In addition to his service at the Section level, Dan was also recognized by his peers with a number of Section awards including the Bill Strausbaugh Award and Golf Professional of the Year. At the National level, Dan served as District 2 Director from 2014-2016 on the PGA of America Board of Directors. His service and support of fellow PGA Professionals also led him to receiving the PGA of America Bill Strausbaugh Award in 2013 and PGA of America Golf Professional of the Year in 2018.